Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Knight of Runes by Ruth A. Casie

Publisher: Carina Press

Published: 11/14/2011

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Rating: Entrée




Lord Arik renounced his druidic powers after what he perceived as his failure to protect his sister from evil. But he still knows and can sense magic when it’s under his very nose. And Rebeka Tyler just reeked of something not quite right. Maybe it was her blatant disinterest in his authority as Lord and man, her strange fighting style or her startling intelligence. Rebeka couldn't believe she was actually in England during the year 1605. Her college degrees and academic experiences certainly didn't prepare her for this, nor for dealing with autocratic, closeminded men who still viewed women as chattel. As fascinating and educational as this side trip was, it wasn't for Rebeka, and she was frantic to find a way back to her time and away from Arik.

As a unique and entertaining tale of paranormal historical fiction, Knight of Runes was a wonderful book. Rebeka the protagonist was everything I look for in a heroine. Very smart, authoritative and confident, not afraid to play and fight with the big boys, observant, and knows when to lay low. However, she has a failing common to a great many women, unfortunately. She has horrific taste in men. She understood that women were viewed much differently in this time, but understanding and accepting are very different and I would not have been as accepting or tolerant, in fact I probably would have aided in Arik's demise.  He was truly abhorrent. His brothers and nieces certainly didn't share his close mindedness or just plain poor attitude and manners. So I would have to say as a romance, this book left a decidedly bitter taste in my mouth. If I remove that element, which thankfully is easily accomplished, then this book is quite enjoyable.

Arik and Rebeka actually don't spend a lot of time together throughout most of the book. He spent most of his time overlooking an obvious villainess or breeding horses. I truly wish such a worthy heroine as Rebeka had been paired with a more fitting mate, even the elder Doward (who is something more than mortal) would have been preferable. But as I stated earlier, the romantic thread is a very secondary thread and easily pushed aside. So overlook the oafish Arik and you have a very good read.


Sophia Rose said...

That is good to know about the lead character. I'll keep that in mind if I read this book.

Thanks for your review!

Proserpine said...

Boo! The guy on the cover is so HOT....Shame that the character isn't as hot as the cover model!