Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Visions of Skyfire: The Awakening #2 by Regan Hastings

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Published: 10/04/2011

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Rating: Entrée




The Salem Witch trials were a fairy tale compared to today’s modern witch hunts. There are no trials, no mercy or repentance. Merely imprisonment and probable death, if you’re lucky. The unlucky ones wind up in a lab as experimental fodder for the the humans hoping to harness the witches power for themselves. This is the world Teresa Santiago has been born into, and must learn to navigate. As her powers are awakened. her Eternal, Rune, arrives in the nick of time to save her from the witch hunters. Now they have 30 days to complete their destined task or their souls will die, and the hope of the other witches with them.  

 The world is a narrow minded scary place in Regan Hasting's The Awakening series. Humanity is trying to hunt down and destroy that which it considers different or threatening. Luckily there are small pockets of hope and tolerance emerging to help these persecuted witches and their Eternals. Regan Hastings has created a dark world in which fear and intolerance are the norm and turning on a friend or neighbor is common place. It is a dark, dark scenario. Fortunately there are bright lights that fight the good fight against overwhelming odds. Unlike in book 1, Visions of Magic, Teresa was well versed in what she was and what her Eternal would need. She also had no problem handing it over. *snort* (who would with Rune, yum!) Rune, while not reluctant to claim his witch, was reluctant to trust her. And really who could blame any of the Eternals, they have been let down time and again by their witches and their thirst for power. It is imperative that they get it right this go round, however or it's game over for our cautious and distant duo. I am really loving the evolution of this series and the twists it is starting to take. There are also some of the most insidious, ANNOYING villains ever. There is one witch gone bad that I seriously would pay good money to bitch slap into next month. There are also a few that seem to have a foot in both camps, very tricky trying to pin these down. Each story gets a little more compelling and little richer for the telling. I for one can't wait for the next book.

And just a little FYI for Ms. Hastings, I'm really starting to dislike the ocean.......


CYP @ A Bookalicious Story said...

I've won Visions of Magic from a giveaway, and haven't gotten down to reading it yet cause I didn't have an urge to. But now I do! You make the world sound so interesting and so full of action and stuff! Oh man, great review! Glad you enjoyed the book!

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

I loved the first in this series.I can't wait to read this one!