Friday, December 30, 2011

Sins of the Highlander by Connie Mason with Mia Marlowe

Publisher: Sourcebooks

Published: 1/01/2012

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Rating:  Entrée




Laird Robin MacLaren was on the verge of madness. Inconsolable after the kidnapping and death of his beloved bride Fiona, Mad Rob has lived for revenge on the bastard who caused his misery, Lachlan Drummond. Elspeth Stewart, lady-in-waiting to the Queen and distant cousin, has just met her betrothed in the kirk, right before the ceremony joining them as man and wife was to begin. She knew her duty as a noble woman and was prepared to honor her vows and her soon-to-be husband. When the crazed warrior bursts into the chapel with his face painted and riding atop a fearsome black steed, she was sure her life was about to end. It turns out that Rob had just done her a huge favor and indeed, her life was about to get much more interesting.

I really, really enjoyed this book!! There was no hidden agendas or issues that were allowed to linger and fester. I sooo appreciate that fact. Straight forward excellent storytelling, with great characters, a ton of action and very steamy love scenes made this book a definite keeper. Rob was such a great hero, damaged and loyal to the memory of his tragically killed wife, but with a huge heart, he totally won me over with very little effort. (the fact that he wore a kilt didn't hurt.....yummmm) Elspeth, while sheltered and still a virtuous maiden, had a good head on her shoulders and a practical demeanor. She had courage and sass, which earned her top honors in the heroine category. This book captured my attention from the very first page, and there were no lags in the action. It holds the reader captive until the very last word.

Not only did I love Rob and Elspeth, this story was just teeming with political intrigue and betrayal. Set during a very turbulent time, a great many Scots are plotting against the crown, and though I sympathize and admire their chutzpah, some of their methods are decidedly beyond the pale. With just the perfect amount of story to romance ratio, this book was as comfortable as my favorite slippers and kept me just as toasty. And though I have deemed this a comfortable book, it isn't predictable. Don't assume you know what's coming because you won't. This book made a great addition to my "Hunks in Kilts" favorites shelf and I'm guessing it will make yours as well.


Proserpine said...

Oh I got this one on my to-be read list and I wasn't sure if I will liked, but now I think I might try it sooner then expected! Nice review :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the review! I'll definitely be adding this one to my TBB list!

Thanks for the giveaway & have a Happy New Year!

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