Friday, January 20, 2012

Dragon’s Lair by Seraphina Donavan


Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Published: 12/06/2011

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Rating: Dessert

Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart


Finally responsible for no one but herself, Lily moves to New Orleans and adventure. Landing a job as a waitress at a high end sex club, she finds herself torn between the two owners Remy and Phillipe. When she discovers the duo are longtime lovers, she writes off both men as a lost cause. As a dragon shifter Remy recognizes Lilly as he and Phillipe’s mate, but gaining her acceptance is going to be a tricky maneuver and require all his skills as a lover and a dragon.

Seraphina Donavan dropped some sexy on the world when she wrote this book. One of the problems I have had in the past with m/m/f or just m/m books is that one of the men always comes off as just a tad bit feminine and no offense , but eeeewwwwww. There is NOTHING attractive or intriguing about an effeminate male. They make great friends but as far as anything sexual goes gross. Dragon’s Lair has two very studly and uber masculine heroes in Remy and Phillipe with both being dominant at times. The masculinity is very evident both in actions and umm their physicality. Lilly is a lucky, lucky girl. But this is utterly new to her and she is already shocked by what she has seen at the club, so to think about participating in such things is just too much for Lilly. Things she saves for late at night in her darkest fantasies. When Lilly finally breaks the chains of her inhibitions.... wow! This book is just a terrific quick little nibble guaranteed to fire up your body thermostat. You might need to turn on the air conditioning. I sure did.

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Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

I must agree with the studly uber masculine heroes assessment.