Friday, January 20, 2012

Interview with Erotic Author Seraphina Donovan


I am lucky enough today to be able to ask a few questions to the author of two super sexy books, Seraphina Donavan and she has agreed to spill about a few of her secrets and plans. Yay! So without further delay……ta da!

Take a look at those covers. Is there any doubt in your mind that the contents are going to be dangerously HOT? When I first laid my eyes on those covers I was thinking “Now that’s something that can lead to all kinds of fun things…” Especially Dragon’s Lair  with two sexy, tatted men…yummo. What would you like to tell us about this book?
Dragon’s Lair was something of an experiment for me. Id’ never written an erotic romance before, but had focused mainly on historical or more traditional romance. It was only after attending the RWA conference in New York that I realized it wasn’t an either/or kind of thing, and that a lot of authors work multi-genre. So I started poking around at various presses, looking at what their best sellers and highest rated were, and I realized that Ménage was hot hot hot. So I read a few and they were incredibly hot and I thought how challenging it would be to write that. From there it just sort of happened.

Being incredibly greedy myself, I am a HUGE fan of m/m/f stories, but they come with tremendous risks. If not balanced correctly it can seem as if one member is more of a voyeur or less important to the activities, shall we say. How did you handle the balancing act?
I think that’s why I chose to enter the paranormal element of having the male characters as dragon-shifters. I don’t think that human nature lends itself well to ménage situations, at least not in the long term. So, I eliminated the human aspect and allowed it to be a cultural norm for them.

Good observation! I can’t abide another female sniffing around what I consider mine. Another male, well that’s just more fun for me, but I must be the center of attention the majority of the time….
Which character gave you the most trouble and why?

Honestly, Lilly gave me the most difficulty. I think because I was so connected to her and thinking about how I would feel faced with the dilemma of wanting both of these men and believing they were both unavailable. Crying Into Tissue  Then when you’re offered everything you want, it can be frightening to take that leap. Staying in her head and out of mine was a struggle.

One of the hardest things to find is a full length novel with a m/m/f focus. Why do you think that is?
So much of traditional romances is building sexual tension between the characters and creating situations where they will be thrown together so that nature can take it’s course. I think by it’s very nature, erotica is sort of instant gratification. It’s hot, steamy sex between characters without having to wait for it! Because of that, a lot of the character building and plot building becomes unnecessary. When you bring in m/m/f ménage, that’s sort of the high point. Where do you go after that? What tops it? How do you keep the heat going without being repetitive? That was difficult for me at any rate.

That’s the most reasonable answer I’ve ever gotten to that question. You made some extremely good points. Women’s erotica seems to finally be catching on (YAY!). What direction or what changes would you like to see in the genre?
I would like to see it become a little more main stream, and by that, I mean have a little more recognition in the romance world. I think erotica still seems to be the black sheep when really the primary focus for our characters is the same which is their liberation.

Here, here! If I have to smack one more person in the head for a smart remark about what I’m reading in public, I swear next time I’m going to do it really, really hard.

I just love the theme of dragon shifters (well, any kind of shifter really, except for ostrich shifter. They don’t do anything for me). Do you intend to explore this world further in future works?
I’ve thought about returning to this world. Right now, I am having such a good time exploring all the possibilities that I don’t want to limit myself just to writing about shifters, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will wind up back there again.

I certainly hope so! The whole sex club setting and shifter theme was delicious.
What do you think was Lily’s breakthrough moment that allowed her to accept both Phillipe and Remy? 
I think that for Lilly it was this build up of intense desire for them both and that when she finally saw them together, she was just overcome. They were playing out this fantasy that she didn’t even know she had and she simply couldn’t walk away from that.

                   Flames****Rapid Fires****  Flames

1. Bikini or one piece?  One piece, I like cake.

2. Bad boy or business exec?  Both

3. Most secret guilty pleasure?  I love Neil Diamond. LOL

4. Last movie that made you cry?  True Grit. Cried like a baby over the horse.

5. Three people (alive or dead, real or fictional) that you would want to have over for dinner?

Robert E. Lee  REL

Ann Boelyn AB

Elvis Presley  ElvisPresley-OneNight
A general, a queen, and the KING! Very stately.

And the MOST important question I ever ask anyone….

DukeDUKE or carolina?
Ummm…. I live in Kentucky. Answering yes to either could result in a riot.

Eeeeeks! Maybe I should have asked Ugh  or  Lousivill ?

Thanks again for spending time with us and for being such a sport. Please feel free to come back anytime!


June M. said...

Dragon's Lair sounds really good. Thanks so much for the interview. I am always tickled to find a new author from Kentucky (that's were I live too). But I am one of those people who don't follow or like basketball (shocking, I know!)

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Great interview! Congrats on your first one Seraphina! Hope you have many more!

Anonymous said...

Her book Dragon's Lair sounds like it would be very interesting and different from the usual erotica... I think I need to check Dragon's Lair out (: