Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Most Anticipated in 2012

tired kitty

The ball has dropped, the confetti’s been thrown and the champagne is long gone. Time to slough off the holidays and get back to work. Thankfully there’s a lot I’m looking forward to this year. Here are a few of my most highly anticipated release for 2012.


Really, I mean was there any doubt? Of course I am freaking RABID for Tohr’s book…..

Release date: March 27th


Annnnnd how long have I been waiting for Luca’s book?!? Laura, one word…. nanny. I’m just saying.

Release date: February 7th


I am an instant gratification type of girl. Anticipation wears on my nerves. Speed it up, ladies.

Release date: January 10th (actually I cheated and have this one, but it still deserves a mention)

Yay, Paris finally gets his book. I have been dying for this one. Gena gets me, she has multiple series to drool over.

Release date: February 28th

I’m so absolutely thrilled that she’s branching out into the paranormal. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

Release date: March 20th

(I would do unspeakable things to get my hands on this book early)


The first book in this series, The Lost Wages of Sin, was an absolute masterpiece. Ladies, book rationing is an evil thing to do to your adoring fans.

Release date: TBD in 2012 (Aaaargh!)


OK, Danielle just gave birth, so I can forgive the time lapse. Under normal circumstances, she is one prolific writer.

Release date: February 1st


This group of demon brothers and their cohorts are giving the BDB a run for their money in the sexy category. God help the WARDen if Ms. Lario gets a Quay scenario.

Release date: This month – hee-hee!!

One of my favorite old school authors is blasting back on the writing scene this year. Doreen Owens Maleek is coming out with Amanda’s Blue Marine, a terrific romantic suspense that is in it’s final walkthrough. OUTSTANDING!!! This lady hasn’t missed a beat.

There are also a couple of MAJOR releases coming out that haven’t revealed a cover as of yet – *pointing finger at Gayle Donnelly* – Infinite Surrender, and J.E. Hopkins should release a new book in her awesome Misfits of the Lore series.

I’m sure there will be scads of new finds, some good, some not so much and some that I will go monkey-ass-crazy over. I promise to keep you apprised and informed, what ever the future brings.


roro said...

hopeu get them soon

miki said...

i know none of them so i will have to find some information but lothaire seems to be waited by a lot of people

all the best

Lauren B said...

Great choices for 2012. I think I'll be adding some to my TBR. Hope you enjoy.

I also have a 10 most anticipated list. Here it is.

Anne said...

I'm looking forward to Lover Reborn, but I'm surprised Tohr's getting a book so soon after Wellsie's death (though the title kind of indicates she may be coming back, it would be interesting to see how).

Unknown said...

Of course Lover Reborn!!!
I can't wait for Lothaire
and Paris...oh Paris yes!!!

Artemis said...

Of your's, just LOVER REBORN and LOTHAIRE are on my list. I have quite a few historical, erotic, and suspense on the list too this year.

Sophia Rose said...

Oh yes! Several of those and then some. (-;

Fictional Candy said...

I emailed you on facebook about Born To Darkness :) Great list! Of course, I'm excited about Tohr's book!