Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Vampire’s Christmas Carol by Cynthia Eden


Published November 11th 2013
ebook - 72 pages

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Ben Prescott is a bitter Scrooge of a vampire. He is also just millimeters away from stepping over a line from which there is no redemption. In an effort to change his path, Ben is visited from three beings from his past. Will Ben accept their help or continue on his path to hell? Is there such a thing as salvation for a vampire?

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I love Cynthia Eden’s work. So, I expect a certain level from all her books. IMHO this is her best work to date. Granted it was under a hundred pages, but it packed one HELL of a wallop. I ran the gamut with this book. I laughed, I cried, I sweated and found a permanent addition to my holiday traditions. This is a story to be read every holiday (just don’t read it to the kids, cause Twas the Night Before Christmas, it ain’t).

If not for the wonderful "ghosts" from the past, Ben's story would have just been overwhelmingly depressing, but the dark humor they injected broke up the anger and despair that permeated Ben's character. On par with Zsadist from the BDB, or Styxx from the DH series, Ben is a truly tragic hero, who now has a place forever in my heart.

The heroine of this story has her own tragic story of love lost and great personal sacrifice, but she is truly a heroine worthy of the name. There are a couple of other great characters that I certainly want to see a LOT more from, but these wonderful beings most remain nameless or I give too much away. If you want a recommendation for a great holiday anytime, anyplace book, you certainly have one.

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Sophia Rose said...

I enjoyed this one too. I haven't read much of her work to compare, but it was definitely a good holiday PNR read.

Sebella Blue said...

Cynthia can certainly wring an emotion out of a few words. Thanks for dropping by, Sophia.