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Fury of Fire (Dragonfury#1) by Coreen Callahan


Published February 7th 2012 by Montlake Romance

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  They walk among us as human, but they are an ancient but  dying race of half human, half dragon males divided into two factions. The Nightfuries want nothing more than to live in peace with the mankind, whereas the Razorbacks despise the humans and only wish to enslave the women as breeders. This is a sure death sentence for no female can survive the birth of a dragon child.

As leader of the Nightfuries, Bastian knows it his his duty to replenish their dwindling ranks, but his heart is not in this task. He has no wish to be the cause of a woman’s death, but he sees no other option.

Myst loves her life. Her job as an obstetric nurse practitioner is fulfilling and gives her a sense of purpose. Trying to save the child of a dying patient, Myst is dragged into a nightmare situation she is can”t possibly have foreseen, Myst is faced with the loss of her life both figuratively and literally.

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I was so excited to get this book! I am a huge fan of dragon shifters, and the idea of a hidden clan was just perfect for me, plus it’s an established series with a great deal of buzz.  I was not disappointed, but I was just a mite confused. You will see why later on in the review.

I loved Bastian and all of the Nightfuries, they were mega alphas and full of snark and testosterone. Bastian was everything I could have asked for in a hero. He was decisive, loyal, compassionate to weaker beings, but willing to kill or die to benefit those he loves. He also has the sex drive of a freaking bull, YAY!! With Myst he is EXTREMELY possessive, but he also gives her freedom. (although not without a huge inner battle). She becomes the focal point of his existence. I, myself, love this in a man/dragon.

Myst was a great heroine. She was strong, intelligent and not willing to be absorbed by Bastian's uber macho personality. She loses her heart immediatey, but not her intellect. She is not ready to give up her life without some serious thought and compromise. She doesn't mind Bastian's unceasing need for sex at all. (smart girl) She is not unwilling to help the Nightfuries cause, but she is not aware of the ultimate sacrifice she might have to pay.

The world building, plot, secondary characters, and villains were all beyond reproach and crafted with a talented hand. It held my attention with an iron grip and pulled me right in from the get go. Coreen Callahan was able to convey the emotions of her characters in such a brilliant manner that I was experiencing the story as if first hand.

Now for the confusing aspect. I loved this book, no question. However, in all honesty, there were quite a few similarities to the Brothers of the BDB. I kept expecting Rhage to pop in a few of the battle scenes. (his inner dragon and all) It is a compliment of the first order to Coreen, because J R Ward is a Goddess to me.  So, if you're a fan of a group of alpha males who have lots of swagger, snark and sexiness, but each with their own tragic story, you will eat this series up with a spoon. I did, and will repeatedly.

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