Friday, January 31, 2014

Bye For Now Sweet Demons–The Demon Tales by Kerrianne Coombes

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* Sob* It’s time to conclude my month long public love affair with the Demon Tales series.

I will miss my time spent with all my favorite demons and their fierce mates. Even though their stories are only a page away, this month it seemed like they were in my home.

downloadBut on a wonderful note Selma, Rhand’s fierce fey has been nominated for Kick-ass Heroine of 2013. I pity her rivals. Congratulations! It is more than deserved.


profile-of-me-xAnd here lies the end of my little blog take-over. LOL

I really hoped you liked my demons and their mates. There are so many more stories I have in mind for this series, the next book coming soon, will be Red Riding Hood The Demon Tale.

If you read Snow White you would have ‘met’ a character called Scott. He is a ram demon, a warrior—the ex-general from Sam’s army. He is also AWOL.

Nobody knows where he is, or what has happened to him since the day he decided to leave the kingdom…but in Red Riding Hood, we find out just what, or who, has been keeping him busy.

In this next Demon Tale, You will meet a slightly crazy, slightly violent female called Phedra. She was born one night in my mind when I had a dream about a wandering soul who doesn’t live by the same rules of normal society. Not to say that she is soulless, but just that she is an odd-ball LOL.

I love quirky people, and Phedra is exactly that!

Scott is a classy, fine-type of a demon and Phedra is just something he has never encountered before. But, suffice to say, the pair bring out the best in each other. I can hardly wait to share their story!

I am always working on other books beside my demon tales. I have a contemporary Romance out in February. It’s a sexy suspense and I am very excited to let this story out into the wild.

I have other paranormal books in eh pipework’s—and I’ll let you guys know more when I know more. But fingers crossed you will see more dark, dangerous and sexy stories from me in 2014 xx

Thank you so much for hosting me! And have a wonderful New Year! I hope 2014 brings you all happiness and contentment xx


Yoooo – hooooo!! Red Riding Hood – I’m having a vision ……..


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