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Review–Do or Die (Reluctant Heroes) by Suzanne Brockman


                                 February 4th 2014 by Random House

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When attorney Phoebe Kruger meets her new client former Navy Seal, Ian Dunn, she expects his cocky demeanor and flirtatious manner. After all Ian didn’t go from Uncle Sam’s poster boy to international jewel thief by being a clod. What she didn’t expect was for Ian to turn down flat the offer of a get out of jail free card in exchange for just a teeny tiny favor.  A favor that involves rescuing two kidnapped children from a foreign embassy.

In order to save his brother’s life, Ian made a deal with the local Mafia don. Ian would cop to a drunken rampage that caused thousands of dollars in damage. Oh, did I mention that it was the Don’s son who committed the crime. In return, the mob lays off Ian’s brother who is in the top five of their hit list. If Ian appears to have made a deal with the Feds for an early release, well that’s not good news for Ian’s brother.

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Suzanne Brockman is a flipping genius. How does she keep coming up with these new and unique stories that continue to blow me away every single time. Why do I forget how awesome this lady is? This is the woman who gave us Sam Starrett, the sexiest man to ever grace a written page. Ian Dunn is in the same stable. Saddle him up and ride em' cowboy!!  The stories are so intense that you forget that you are reading this book for review. I am immersed in these characters and their circumstances. When it's over, I am crushed because their are no buddies to go out and share a drink over a successful mission.  

I am just as enamored of the heroine in this story. Phoebe is a tough as nails lawyer who still believes in the laws and the supposed goodness of humans. It is this juxtaposition that makes her so likable. She carries a 9 mm and knows the entry wound circumference, but believes she is safe from the mob because she is an attorney. She does not bend or compromise her ethics, but she doesn't flinch away from her attraction to Ian either. 

I adored the fact that my guys and gals from Troubleshooters were on the sidelines, "Hey, Jules and Ric!!" I just love every character Suzanne has created, even the non- Seal or FBI related characters. Am I gushing? Well so what?? It's freaking earned. Suzanne should be a spokesman for tolerance, the fact that she integrates her more controversial characters without fanfare is remarkable. Amongst the danger and intrigue, love is love and if you don't like it, well you're just dumb. Yeah, I put it out there!

If you are a fan of Suzanne Brockman, then I don't have to tell you. You already know, if you're not....... well damn! What hole have you been living in?

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