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Review - Waves of Deception (The Goddess Redemption, bk 5) by Kelli Lockheart


                                           Published January 17, 2014

After killing her lover Orion on the eve of their wedding, Artemis has been cursed to stone by her father Zeus. Orion was flung to the mortal realm to live and die repeatedly as a human. Now that Artemis has been released from her stone prison she has many incarnations to find Orion and redeem herself to both him and her father.

 The lovers now have regained all of their memories, and have become pawns in the games of the Gods of Mt. Olympus. Held captive by vengeful mermaids, Artemis and Orion must try to warn Poseidon of the eminent betrayal from one of his own.

Well, these short stories just keep getting better and noticeably more polished. In this edition, the Gods and their struggles have taken center stage, with Artemis and Orion being manipulated, captured and threatened. The lovers themselves have gotten over their initial stumbling attempts to find each other and answer the question of what made them mortal and why. They can now concentrate on regaining Artemis' godhood and keeping Orion alive.

Artemis still has her biting arrogance, but it no where near as overwhelming as the first two books. She has realized her transgressions and is trying to atone.
As always, the romance is hot and graphic, but is still a backnote and no longer the main focus of the book. The shifter aspect is mentioned but is staying mostly in the background, but if I'm not mistaken, they should be making a HUGE reappearance in upcoming books.

I am very much a fan of this series and can't wait until I can indulge my self by reading the entire saga in one sitting.

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Hmm. Sounds like I need to try them out. The gods are always pretty amusing :)