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Spotlight/Giveaway–Rapunzel (Demon Tales, bk 4) by Kerrianne Coombes

                Published April 20th 2013 by Secret Cravings Publishing


 On a quest to fulfill his mother’s dying wish, the intrepid Rain demon, Blane has found himself imprisoned in a cell with a woman who has seen better days. When he discovers she may possibly be his mate, he is in quite the quandary. Risk his mission or rescue this tortured female. His need to help the weak overcomes his own desires and he reluctantly includes the fey woman in his escape. Timid and broken, she is too frail to leave on her own, but Blane has no desire for a mate, and  even less desire for a woman who could endanger his purpose in life, find a magical key and avenge his slaughtered family.

Chloe, an Iron Fey princess, has been held captive by the Vulcan demons since she was a child. Kept imprisoned for her gift of reading metals, she is also cursed to feel the horrors from whatever weapon she is forced to read. Tortured for any refusals, Chloe welcomes death. She holds no hope that the handsome demon now imprisoned with her will be able to save his own life, much less her own.


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Now, I know that Sebella Luuuuurves Sam from Snow
White The Demon huntress, but I would swoon at
Blane’s feet so fast if he was real.

Blane, Blane, Blane…. Sigh  He was so loud inside my
head form the moment I introduced him in Cinderella. He is outspoken, cocky and just too damn brilliant for his own good. Blane has his mind set on his life going a certain wayand as far as he’s concerned nothing will stand as an obstacle.

Enter Chloe.

At first Chloe comes across as weak, lacking in confidence and actually, she seems a little pathetic. Blane senses she is his mate, but is a little angered by the fact he has been given a weak mate. Blane never wanted a mate, was quite happy to coast through life alone. Scarred by an horrific event in his childhood, Blane never wants for anyone to be in his care, ever again.

Chloe, trapped as a prisoner since she was a teenager, knows nothing about being independent and brave. But when a handsome, darkly dangerous demon ends up in her cell, she is catapulted into a life of excitement and danger. Chloe learns pretty fast that if she wants something badly enough, she has to fight.

Chloe, to me was lie a butterfly appearing. Even when I was writing it, I thought a  few times, ‘just man up Chloe!’ LOL And she does. In serious style too!

She blindsides Blane, showing that women can be the ones to arrive on a white steed, dressed in armour to save the day too!

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Now while it’s true that Sam is my heart, Blane is no slouch in the “yum, yum, eat em’ up” category.  Just coming into full adulthood in the previous books, Blane was quite the imp and tortured my beloved Sam to no end.  Now we have Blane "the adult", who is much more focused and who has given up the love and comfort of his new family to fulfill a deathbed promise and seek vengeance for those he lost.  I will admit that I had no inkling of Blane's horrendous past or of the guilt he carried. It makes it all the more remarkable that he turned out to be the decent demon that he is. 

Now it is no secret that I abhor weak, timid females. So when I first encountered Chloe, I was all like, "Ewwwww, what was Kerrianne thinking?" I tried to understand that the circumstances had made her the broken female that I was reading about. Never fear, Kerrianne knew what she was doing. (bad fangirl, bad!!) Chloe evolves into a perfect match for Blane. This is with a little help from some old, albiet never far from the scene, friends. There are some heartwarming developments taking place within our little demon family. 

As with the previous books, there is plenty of action, danger, laughter and some tearful moments mixed with a healthy dose of spice. To miss out on this book, nay, this series would be a serious deprivation for those who demand excellence in their stories, characters, dialogue, or in any aspect of their reading material.  To say that I drool at the prospect of a new book in The Demon Tales series is a HUGE understatement. I promise you will love this series.

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