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Series Review–The Solsti Prophecy by Sharon Kay


There are demons among us. Along with a myriad of other mythical beings. Humans are unaware of there presence and thankfully so. The Watchers are Lash demons who police supernatural beings, both here on Earth and the demon realm of Torth.

Demon activity is escalating on Earth and the Watchers don’t know the reason, but it can’t mean anything good. With the emergence of the Solsti, it can only mean problems of apocalyptic proportions.
The Solsti were thought to be only a myth among demons and their ilk, but when the Watchers happen among the group of sisters purported to appear only in response to a great evil, they know these women must be protected at all cost.


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Gunner is on the prowl for the rogue Skell demons that have been attacking humans in the more dangerous neighborhoods of Chicago. He can't believe his eyes when he spots two females on his turf. Not only are they seemingly unaware of their dangerous surrounding, they seem to be deliberately seeking these situations out. When the tall blonde lays some serious smackdown on some less than savory thugs, he feels a flare of power. Not recognizing her scent as anything he has run across arouses Gunner's curiosity. (among other things) Letting his baser instincts get the better of him, he follows the tall, curvy blond to a club and proceeds to uncover all of her secrets.

Nicole always hid the fact that she and her sisters were different, that they were just a little bit.....more. When the man she is instantly in lust with shows her his demonfire (literally), she is both relieved and horrified. Demons??? Oh, hell no!
Nicole has unwillingly become a major player in a war she was unaware of. Learning the truth of her and her sisters true origins shakes her foundations to the core. Luckily Gunner is there to show her the ropes. (among other things)  
These two characters, and all their assorted friends, family, and questionable acquaintances were an absolute joy to meet.  They were unique and both were people I would want to have a drink with. I loved the fact that neither Nicole or Gunner fought too hard against the attraction. I also really, really appreciated the fact that this series has some major kick-ass females. They were already warriors before they ever met or heard of a Watcher. However, the major attraction for me were the Lash demons. Heck, I'm already a Watcher wench. There's a male there for every taste. Luckily I'm not set in my ways, I'll taste... um I mean take, no I'm mean enjoy..... never mind I'm just a big ol perv. 

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Kai is more than frustrated with the Solsti, Brooke, who also just happens to be the sister of his best friend's mate. On their initial meeting, Kai opens his mouth wide and inserted his big smelly foot. Confused because women generally fall at his feet, Kai doesn't understand why Brooke prefers a bad case of poison oak to his glorious presence. (swelled head much?) He is even more confused by the fact that he cares that she seems to not care. See? Simple. Now, I have a thing for dominant blondes, but even I of the questionable virtue would have had issues with Kai........ in the beginning.  Trust me, he gets mucho better. 

Brooke has had her entire world turned upside down and the last thing she needs is some macho, egomaniacal demon who thinks all women are put on this earth to serve his wonderous self. Forget the fact that he is uber gorgeous and her pulse skyrockets every time Kai enters a room.  That's just self preservation. Despite loving her sister, she has no intention of becoming another Watcher groupie. She has her own life and sexy demons do NOT have a place in it.

Reading these two battle each other was a flat out hoot. Especially since Kai winds up eating the most crow.  Both are thrown together into dangerous situations with only each other to depend on. Brooke is developing her new powers just as Kai is realizing she is his to protect.  In a story fraught with danger, betrayal, (oh, baby is there betrayal) hints of upcoming books, (gggrrrrrr, I HATE waiting) and scorching sex, (let's just say there are shackles involved) this seals Sharon Kay's place on my "go 2 author" list.

The world building and character development were top notch. The dialogue was believable and thank you Sharon for those lovely, lovely naughty excerpts. Absolutely delicious. Now for those of you who are just absolute perfectionists, there are a couple of minor editing glitches, but if you let that mar this wonderful series, well you probably should read another blog, because you annoy me. (that's where the rage comes from, get it?)

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This series was recommended to me by one of my favorite bloggers and all around sweetheart, Nikki McCarver. Thank you, Nikki!!! If I had missed out on this series, my life surely would have been the lesser for it.

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